Issue 1/2015

We invite scientific papers that are both theoretically informed and empirically grounded and we are particularly interested in scholarship that can be applied, serving as a base for training and guiding various tourism practitioners. Some of the questions and topics with which we seek to engage include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What are the key issues related to responsible tourism? What is the difference between this notion and other forms of tourism, such as sustainable tourism, ecotourism, geotourism, alternative tourism, durable tourism etc.?
  • How do local communities and tourism stakeholders understand and apply the principles of responsible tourism? How do they face the challenge of adapting to the changing demands of tourists while preserving natural and cultural heritage?
  • How selective is responsible tourism? Is it engaging all the members of the community in the same way? How can tourism be a vehicle for socio-economic equality?
  • What is the role of policies and state authorities in supporting responsible tourism? Are they always fostering it, or there are also cases when they can become a hindrance?
  • How can education transform tourism practices and make them more responsible?
  • How does irresponsible tourism look like and what can be learned from negative examples?
  • Are there any tensions and contradictions in the notion of responsible tourism and can the various forms of responsibility come into conflict? How, for instance, do local communities respond to policies and regulations meant to safeguard the environment?