International Forum For Responsible Tourism – Third edition

The third edition of the International Forum for Responsible tourism focused on the relationship betweend the responsible tourism and rural development by identifying the solutions for tourist areas in Romania, through the promotion a new touristic approach.

Giving value to the potential of the local communities through tourism has been the highlight of discussions, during the days of the event being presented models of competitive rural destinations. Also, a great importance was given to the idea of promoting responsible tourism in rural areas through the management and marketing of the local products, and by identifying the appropiate strategies to integrate and harmonize the elements: culture, costumes and traditions, nature, agriculture, gastronomy, architecture, etc..

The third edition of the International Forum for Responsible Tourism brought together specialists from Romania, Bulgaria, Thailand and the Republic of Moldavia, representatives of local and central authorities, representatives of prestigious organizations: AJTR, Cluster Association from Romania, ANTREC, Adept Foundation; universities as: Dimitrie Cantermir, Spiru Haret, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, University of Targu Jiu, Khon Kaen University (Thailand), University of Craiova, University of Sofia, travel agencies and other organisations from the field.

This edition has been organized in collaboration with the National Tourism Authority.