International Forum for Responsible Tourism – Third Edition – „Responsible Tourism and Rural Development”

Amphitheatre Foundation in partnership with the Centre for Industrial Economics and Services of the Romanian Academy initiate the third edition of International Forum for Responsible Tourism, Targu Jiu, 04 – 06 April 2014.

The diversity and authenticity of the villages are a continuous source for development, and tourism is the most active form of exploitation of local products and services by: ecotourism, health tourism, hunting and fishing, climbing, riding, winter sports, educational trips, arts and heritage, gastronomy, traditions and customs etc.

In this context, responsible tourism is considered a timely approach and perspective to Romanian  and international rural development, by designing and promoting complex touristic products and by adapting them to current needs and interest.

The third edition of the International Forum for Responsible Toursim sets its main objective in identifying the appropriate solutions to exploit the potential of rural regions by promoting the responsible tourism.

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