International Forum For Health Tourism – Third Edition


The third edition of the International Forum for Health Tourism brought together Romanian and foreign specialists, representatives of public authorities (Ministry of EU Funds, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Regional Development and Administration, National Tourism Authority), mayors, academics staff and scientific researchers, practitioners, leaders of prestigious organizations (Medical College Romania, OPTBR, AJTR, Cluster Association of Romania, Romania Medical tourism Association), travel agents, managers and promoters of the field

This edition has been organized in collaboration with the National Authority for Tourism and conducted under the auspices of the Romanian Government.

The event strengthened expertise within program „Amphitheatre for Responsible Tourim” initiated three years ago by the Amphitheatre Foundation and the Romanian College of Physicians and the effective involvement of the National Tourism was important. The forum sought to meet professional and scientific solutions to today’s challenges in this area, located in an unprecedented dynamic.

The participants at the event concluded that it is required a cross-sectoral strategy to develop health tourism, which is to be competed by public authorities, local communities, academia and the private sector. This strategy should be based on increasing confidence in health tourist destination, both through international accreditation of centers of expertise, and through significant investment in the development of medical tourism potential.


Papers accepted within the International Forum for Health Tourism where published in the forum abstract proceedings.

Best papers which passed the double blind review where published within the special edition of the International Journal for Responsible Tourism – “Perspectives on Health Tourism” – Vol.2., Issue 4 / 2013. The publication was indexed in international databases.

Download – Forum Scientific Report