International Forum For Health Tourism – Fourth edition

Developed between 21- 23 of March in Bucharest, the discussions of the International Forum for Health Tourism have focused on promoting the medical tourism potential in Romania from the perspective of the scientific and professional trends and guidelines, of the European and international market demand, and of the competitive advantages that Romania offers in the context of EU Directive 24/2011. Building credibility and reputation for Romania as a medical tourism destination was the central point of discussions, emphasizing the importance of quality in national health services, the need to start some actions to promote this potential and also to solve some issues regarding patient safety and civil liability in the medical field.

The fourth edition of the International Forum for Health Tourism brought together specialists from Romania and abroad, representatives of public authorities (Government of Romania – Romanian Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Health, National Tourism Authority), academics and scientific researchers, physicians, leaders of prestigious organizations (OPTBR, AJTR, Cluster Association in Romania, Romania Medical tourism Association), travel agencies in Romania and Europe, managers and promoters of the field. The organizers were pleased to welcome Mr. Keith Pollard Director of the most prestigious medical tourism publications in Europe – International Medical Travel Journal.

This edition has been organized in collaboration with the National Authority for Tourism and conducted under the auspices of the Romanian Government.