Authors can send abstracts and full papers on our e-mail address:

For deadlines please see the table below.

Activity Deadline
Abstract submission 10 of June 2015
Double blind review As submitted
Abstract admission / rejection In 5 days till submission
Full paper submission 15 of June 2015

All papers submitted to the Forum will be reviewed using a double-blind peer-review process. The submission process is as follows:

  • The author creates his/her abstract and submits it until the predefined deadline.
  • The Forum Scientific Committee decides about the acceptance or not of the abstract.
  • After abstract acceptance, the author has to submit his/her Forum paper until the predefined deadline.
  • Together with the Forum paper, the author must send the Copyright Transfer Form filled and signed.
  • Papers are reviewed as soon as they arrive at the Editor’s desk.
  • During the Forum, all remaining papers will be reviewed by a Scientific panel