Call for papers for Issue 1/2017 – Deadline 15 November

The Amphitheatre Foundation, a non-governmental organization with a wealth of activity in the field of sustainable tourism and community development, is now accepting theoretically informed and empirically grounded article proposals for a new issue of the International Journal of Responsible Tourism (IJRT). Full papers should be electronically submitted no later than the 15th of November 2017 at

IJRT is an open-access and peer-reviewed publication, indexed on RePEc, Econ Docs, EBSCO, CABI, Index Copernicus, CIRET and GetCITED International. The journal is both a source of dissemination of the results of the International Tourism Forum’s work, as well as the latest approaches to sustainable tourism.

JRT aims to become the main reference point in the field of responsible tourism, with the objective of contributing, on the one hand, to a deeper academic exploration of the sustainable promotion of universal cultural and natural heritage, and to nurture a better and broader understanding of this approach in practice. In this respect, we encourage interdisciplinary approaches, works in any field that will start from or will analyze the concept of responsible tourism – from geography to anthropology, to marketing or law.

For further information regarding the accepted format of the submitted materials, the criteria considered in the peer-review stage, as well as more details on the topic and objectives of the journal, we encourage you to visit the address:

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