About us


AMFITEATRU Foundation is an organization with vast experience in fields like professional training courses, event and seminar organizing, promoting and supporting the youth and authentic Romanian values in the country and abroad.
The Amfiteatru Foundation objective is to promote and support cultural activities, to promote and support the youth, to defend human rights, to protect the natural environment and ecological values, to promote authentic Romanian values in the country and abroad, to develop the civil society and to promote Romania’s European and global integration, to promote human capital, as well as helping people with social and health problems, gifted children, the elderly and people with low income.

In order to achieve the objective, the Foundation is considering the following:

  • to give out awards and scholarships;
  • to offer humanitarian aid;
  • to initiate and organize, independently or in collaboration with competent persons, complex events, fairs, exhibitions, symposiums and conferences on health, culture, ecology, tourism, sport, and especially popular education – generally including the youth;
  • to collaborate as strongly as possible with the Ministry of Culture, mass media institutions, professional associations and creativity unions, and civil institutions;
  • to organize events for promoting humanitarian programs organized by other foundations, NGOs and governmental organizations, acting in the same field as the Amfiteatru Foundation;
  • to organize fund raising events for humanitarian programs;
  • to create advertising materials and products (printed or digital), for radio and TV shows, editing publications and books (including their distribution) for the purpose of achieving the objectives.
  • to edit and distribute books, brochures, publications, CDs, make films, radio and TV broadcasts, websites, and other means of communication;
  • to set-up clubs, as distinct entities, for the foundation’s field of activity;
  • to attract sponsors and receive sponsorship, being able to promote them according to the legislation;
  • to offer sponsorship, to enter patronage agreements, to make donations for natural persons and legal persons, according to the legislation.

The Amfiteatru Foundation’s activity focused especially on promoting and supporting all types of tourism in Romania.
Thus, a tradition has been created in forming national and international partnerships for organizing and promoting positive touristic attitudes and values, while the foundation has always brought practical solutions for visible and lasting improvements.